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Come and visit our modern horse riding area in Olsza

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Appointment Diary Planner- Olsza 2018:

30.04.- 01.05.2018- 15th. Regional Show Jumping Competition GP of "Majowy Laur Olszy".

ZR Schedule          Result
01- 03.06.2018- 12th. Nationwide Show Competition, The Third Stage of the Polish Horse Riding League, Grand Prix of Śrem

Schedule           Result
Schedule RC     Result RC

16- 17.06.2018- Regional Show Jumping Competition, Grand Prix of Olsza

Schedule           Result
30.06.- 01.07.2018- 17th. Nationwide Show Jumping Competition, Grand Prix of the Polish Food Producers Cup and Orzeł Biały- Found,
Qualify for Polish Championship of YH (4, 5, 6 yr. o. )
Regional Show Jumping Competition

Schedule            Result
Schedule RC     Result RC

11- 12.08.2018- Regional Show Jumping Competition, Grand Prix of Agro- Handel

Schedule             Results
07- 09.09.2018- 10th. Championship of Poland, YH, 4, 5, 6, 7 yr. o., 24th. Memorial of Jan Kante Dąbrowski

Schedule               Results

14- 16.09.2018-
Polish Horse Riding League- Final

Schedule PHRL             Results
Schedule RC                   Results RC

Our riding Club


Riding club „Agro-Handel” Śrem is a club that specializes in jumps. In the years 2007- 2017 won "Agro-Handel" the ranking of the Polish Equestrian Federation (PZJ).
  For the club ride the best riders in Poland. Every year "Agro- Handel" organized jumping competitions at the highest level.
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